PKK declares ceasefire – PKK erklærede våbenhvile

I en videomeddelelse udsendelse på Newroz festlighederne i den tyske by Bonn på lørdag, sagde Kurdiske Samfund Union Rådets(KCK) formand Murat Karayılan at KCK, PKK (Kurdistans Arbejderparti) og HPG (Folkets Defense Forces) erklærede en officiel våbenhvile fra den 21. marts som reaktion på fred opkaldet som Kurdiske leder Abdullah Öcalan foretaget på den historiske Newroz møde den 21. marts i Amed.


In a video message broadcast at Newroz celebrations in the German city of Bonn on Saturday, Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council President Murat Karayılan said that the KCK, PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) and HPG (People’s Defense Forces) declared an official ceasefire as of 21 March in response to the peace call Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan made at the historic Newroz meeting on 21 March in Amed.

“The decision of Leader Apo is the decision of all of us. We accept and agree on his decision”,said Karayılan and evaluated Öcalan’s call and 2013’s Newroz as a new day and a new beginning on the way to the liberation and democratization of peoples in Kurdistan, Turkey and the Middle East.

Karayılan pointed out that Kurdish guerrillas would carry out no military actions and plan their military activities within Turkish borders in the scope of the ceasefire. However – he underlined- “our guerrilla forces will defend themselves and have the right to reprisal, which is a legitimate right, in the event of being attacked”.

Referring to the question of PKK’s withdrawing its forces from Turkish borders, Karayılan said that they would exercise the withdrawal if the Turkish state, government and parliament provided a basis for it by fulfilling their responsibilities, making necessary decisions on the subject and establishing the required commissions and institutions.

“We, the PKK, are ready for this historic period, either for war or peace. Our movement is ready to make further moves in line with the development it recorded in the armed fight 2012. However, we primarily prefer a democratic solution that has been highlighted in the perspective of Leader Apo with the determination to fulfill our responsibilities and to take necessary steps to ensure the brotherhood of peoples and a democratic solution. It should be known that we see this process as a strategical but not a tactical move. This is not an end but the beginning of the struggle for democracy and freedom”, said Karayılan.

KCK Executive Council President called on the Kurdish people in Europe to initiate a political and diplomatic move in the European area and to enhance the Freedom for Öcalan campaign. It is time for the liberation of Leader Apo, he underlined.

Karayılan noted that Kurds in Europe should also carry out works in political, diplomatic and legal areas to make sure that light is shed on Paris killings, the execution of Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez on 9 March 2013.

Karayılan added that ; “The Kurdish revolution has entered a significant phase today. Despite the fact that we have dangers ahead of us, we need to enhance our struggle and ensure a national unity stronger than ever in order to act in line with the perspective of Leader Apo”.