Demirtaş: Next week will be critical for hunger strikers

BDP co-chair said PM does not want the west to know and act about protest in Turkish jails

In an interview to Dicle News Agency (DİHA), Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş said that their party is preparing radical actions concerning the ongoing hunger strike by Kurdish political prisoners in Turkey jails.

BDP co-chair strongly criticized Turkish Prime Minister for denying the existence of the hunger strike in the joint press conference with German PM Angela Merkel in Berlin on Wednesday and evaluated this statement as immoral. Demirtaş pointed out that “despite all available official reports on the current conditions of prisoners on fast, Erdoğan intends to prevent the truth of the current situation to reach the west.

Remarking that the demands of prisoners are shared by millions of Kurds who have taken to the streets on 30 October to support the prisoners, Demirtaş underlined that the Kurdish people should at this point continue to demonstrate every day.

Demirtaş pointed out that the Turkish PM contradicted his Minister of Justice by denying the existence of the hunger strike in Turkey prisons (the minister of Justice had indeed visited the fasting prisoners) and noted that “The PM is conducting a psychological war because he finds himself in a deadlock. He is trying to prevent the international opinion to know and act about the hunger strike because these would expose the anti-democratic policies of his government.”

BDP co-chair underlined that they didn’t expect the government to take a concrete step since the very beginning of the hunger strike and added that; “We therefore need to step up demonstrations and actions as the fast will enter a highly critical stage next week. We BDP deputies are currently discussing alternative ways to follow and we will take radical steps to prevent any death.”