Kışanak: New Constitution needs peace

Making the opening speech at the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) workshop on “public participation in constitution making process” which has started in Istanbul on Saturday, BDP co-chair Gültan Kışanak underlined that a democratic constitution in Turkey wouldn’t be possible without the creation of a peace environment in the entire country.

Kışanak pointed out that the Parliament cannot remain unconcerned with people’s common demand for a democratic and libertarian constitution and added; “There is a basic need for a peaceful constitution which should offer a solution for not only the Kurdish problem but also for other main problems of the country such as the freedom of press, freedom of faith and rights of laborers. The originally pluralist society in Turkey will not be freed from conflicts unless the Turkish legal structure ensures and preserves a pluralist approach.”

Referring to the new constitution formation process, Kışanak said that they keep hoping this process will help to serve to social peace which –she underlined- has been poisoned by the government’s approach towards the rights of the people. Kışanak reminded of Prime Minister Erdoğan’s most recent statements in which he said Kurds are going too far by asking for mother tongue education. “The PM’s approach seems as if he is the one to decide about the rights of the peoples in the country. The fascistic mentality of the state leads to an authoritarian attitude against the right to mother tongue education which can never be a matter of negotiation. Sorry to say that we will not agree to gain our rights and freedoms on the basis of several words to be spoken by a single person”, Kışanak said and underlined that it is time for dialogue and negotiation in Turkey in the midst of the ongoing conflict environment.

Kışanak ended saying that Kurds will display a political reflex in the face of the political operations conducted against them.

Kilde: Firatnews/ANF