Freedom for Öcalan Bus reached Germany

The ‘Freedom for Öcalan’ Bus has arrived in Germany after finishing its tour in Sweden and Denmark.

The bus which departed after the 20th International Culture Festival in the German city of Mannheim on 8 September, will reach 69 central cities in eight European countries. The tour aims to rise awareness and promote active public support for Kurdish leader Öcalan’ freedom.

On Tuesday, the bus arrived in the city of Kiel in northern Germany where hundreds of people staged a demonstration to demand freedom for Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan. The demonstration was followed by a meeting with German Left Party authorities for Kiel who promised active work for the signature campaign for Kurdish leader’s freedom.

Kurdish activists also held a public meeting at Kurdish Culture Association in the evening.

The bus has today reached the city of Magdeburg and will continue its tour in the city of Halle where a mass rally and a public meeting will take place today.

The events in Germany will continue with activities in the capital city Berlin and a mass rally afterwards in Brandenburg on Thursday.

Kilde: Firatnews/ANF