Clashes continue in Şemdinli

03 August 2012

Shots heard last night in the city

Gunshots were heard in Şemdinli, province of Hakkari, last night. According to local sources, attacks were launched against the buildings of Police Headquarters and Gendarmerie buildings in the district which has been controlled by HPG (People’s Defense forces) guerrillas for the last eleven days.

Severe clashes broke out near the village of Güzelkaya (Begerde) in Şemdinli at early morning hours today. Clashes are reported to be continuing in the area where on the other hand many soldiers have been reported dead or injured as a result of a bomb explosion during the passage of a military vehicle.

Turkish army started to bomb the area from both air and land on Thursday evening following the long-lasting road control in the region by Kurdish guerrillas.