Turkey: Over 330 people taken into custody in June

The number of arrests increases in line with AKP attacks against opponent circles

According to figures compiled by ANF and DIHA, at least 333 people were taken into custody for political reasons in the first 15 days of June. Among the detainees are also 122 students who have been remarkably targeted since May of 2012.

Hardly a day passes without mass arrests in Turkey which has obviously implemented anti-social and Kurd enemy policies inside the country for a long time, continuing to put manipulations into effect since it came to power in 2002.

Among a number of Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) members who were taken into custody in Van on 7 June, ten were sent to prison, included three mayors.

In some provinces such as Şırnak, almost all elected BDP members have been sent to prison, as 35 mayors, six deputies and over 190 elected Kurdish politicians are currently held under arrest. Journalists, students, union members, lawyers, children and woman activists are the other main groups targeted by mass arrests of the AKP government.

The number of detained students was 100 in March, increasing to 116 in April and 127 in May. As much as half of these students were remanded in custody and sent to prison by the AKP government which targets almost all opponent circles, especially Kurds who continue to resist against neo-fascistic implementations of the state.

Severe punishments have been imposed on arrested students, as 13 students at Konya Selçuk University were sentenced to 92 years in prison and a total of 346 years prison sentence was given to 29 students in April. According to figures of human rights associations and students’ unions, more than 700 university students and over 1500 high school students are currently held in Turkish prisons, accused of protesting against a government official, wearing kaffiyeh, chanting slogan, opening banner, reading left-winged publications, making propaganda and being member of an illegal organization.

Children are also targeted by the oppressive Turkish regime. The most recent astonishing prison sentence was for seven children in Mersin for whom 240 years prison sentence was asked on the basis of secret witness statements, mobese footage, Facebook sharings and their joining the May Day demonstration.

According to figures by Human Rights Association (IHD), 2309 children were held in prison as of 2011 and 90.94 percent of these children were remanded in custody without sentence.

As the AKP government continues to increase its attacks, 2.033 people were taken into custody and among them 733 were sent to prison in the territory of Kurdistan in the first four months of 2012, according to a report by IHD Diyarbakır Branch.

IHD figures pointed to 12.685 detentions and 2.922 arrests in the year 2011; 7.100 detentions and 1.599 arrests in 2010 and 7.718 detentions and 1.928 arrests in 2009. In other words, 27.503 people were taken into custody and among them 6.444 were put in prison in the last three years.