Protests in Urfa Prison

The fire wasn’t extinguished for almost an hour, said IHD Chair of Urfa Branch

Prisoners in Urfa E Type Prison are protesting against the fire incident on Saturday night which killed 13 political prisoners and injured five others in C15 ward. Families of victims are waiting in front of the prison where Minister of Justice Sadullah Ergin and Minister of Social Security Faruk Çelik are making examinations.

Slogans are rising from the prison as many prisoners are hitting doors and windows to protest against the death of 13 political prisoners.

Tension broke out between police and families waiting in front of the prison.

In a statement to Etkin News Agency (ETHA), Human Rights Association (IHD) Urfa Branch Chair Cemal Babaoğlu denied the statements of Governor who claimed that the fire broke out following a discussion among prisoners. “This was a protest action against the over-capacity problem and poor conditions in the prison”, underlined Babaoğlu.

Babaoğlu reminded of prisoners’ earlier complaints to IHD about poor physical conditions in the prison and noted that the prison administration has so far never replied to IHD’s applications concerning the matter of prisoners.

Babaoğlu held the prison administration responsible for deaths, pointing out that the fire wasn’t extinguished
for almost an hour.