HPG sources: Skorsky helicopter shot down in Dağlıca

The Turkish army operation expanding in Dağlıca region

According to information received from People’s Defense Forces (HPG) sources, one skorsky type helicopter was shot down by guerrillas and two others were damaged and drawn away from the clashes area in Dağlıca (Oremar) region of Hakkari.

As details come up concerning HPG guerrillas’ attack on a military base of Derecik Internal Security Battalion Command at early hours on Tuesday, many Turkish soldiers are reported dead in clashes that are still continuing in the area.

Heavy weapons like rocket launchers were used in HPG guerrillas’ simultaneous attacks which targeted several mobile posts as well as three battalion commands in Dağlıca region, reported HPG sources and noted that over 20 Turkish soldiers were killed in the attack on Yeşiltaş (Şitazin) military post.

It was also remarked that the bodies of many dead soldiers cannot be taken out of the area as clashes still continue.

Local sources have reported on Tuesday that more than 30 soldiers died in the attack on the military post in the village of Yeşiltaş where soldiers opened fire on people after the attack, wounding one villager.