Demirtaş: AKP has no solution policy for the Kurdish problem

BDP Co-Chair made visits to Hakkari and its villages

Speaking in the village of Yeşilova (Navberojan) after a series of visits to Hakkari region, Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş said that the AKP government doesn’t have a solution policy for the Kurdish problem.

Demirtaş called attention to the fascistic practices in the territory of the Kurdish people and called on the politicians in the parliament and other parts of Turkey to come to the Kurdish region in order to examine the real face of peace and war in situ. Demirtaş demanded the recognition of Kurdish people’s fair demands and called on authorities to not to make a mention of a solution without enabling a free and equal living for Kurds.

Prime Minister Erdoğan’s disregardful and immoral approach towards the Roboski massacre, KCK arrests and political operations is condemned in this territory, underlined Demirtaş and pointed out that the states and international powers in the Middle East cannot enable a permanent solution to the Kurdish problem unless they lend an ear to the solution proposals of political leaders of the Kurdish people.

Demirtaş called attention to the struggle given by Kurdish leaders in the past and present and added that all Kurdish leaders have so far demanded and dreamed of a unity among Kurds.

I call on Kurds to not to side with AKP which doesn’t present a solution policy for the Kurdish problem, said Demirtaş and added that “The Kurds in the AKP should now show their people that they stand by Kurds instead of being a party to the arrest and slaughters targeting them. We have no alternative but to join hands to ensure a free living.”

Any power that wants to develop a truth-based political solution for the Kurdish problem should respect the will of the people so that the entire country could have peace, underlined BDP co-chair and remarked that the Kurdish people have already experienced the fact that they have no choice but to resist against fascistic approaches and implementations.

It is the Kurdish people who will give the greatest support to a peace project because of the fact that they are the ones who have suffered the most from the war, added Demirtaş.