BDP women respond to PM on abortion

Tuncel MP: prohibition of abortion will violate women’s rights.

In a press conference at parliament on behalf of Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) women, Istanbul MP Sebahat Tuncel called for attention to the women’s organizations demands on abortion.

Responding to AKP government’s attempt to ban abortion, Tuncel MP underlined that the government shouldn’t develop policies on birth control methods over women.

Tuncel evaluated Prime Minister Erdoğan’s comparison between abortion and Uludere massacre as AKP’s inability of dealing with the massacre and continued as follows; “We will continue to live and breathe Uludere because of the fact that we face a government which tries to break away from the responsibility for the murder of 34 people. The government should know that not only Kurds but also all conscientious people will object to its efforts to dominate over women’s body through this massacre.”

Tuncel remarked that the debate on abortion lies on the AKP policy on population planning and added; “This is the incredible racist approach of a nation state mindset that aims to shape the future through the population structure of the society.”

Tuncel underlined that the prohibition of abortion will not only violate women’s rights but also lead to unlawful and unsecure ways for women in need of abortion.

It is obvious that a government which fails to protect children’s right to life defends an embryo’s right to live as an attack against women, noted Tuncel and added that women’s health and right to live come before debates on abortion.