BDP: What happened in Urfa is a savagery

BDP deputies have left for Van to make examinations in the prison and to visit families of the victims
In a statement on the fire incident in Urfa Prison, Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Central Office evaluated the incident as a savagery.

“This incident has once again brought the prisons’ reality to agenda as prisoners have been subjected to long detention, isolation, lack of medical services and inhuman severe conditions in Turkish prisons.”, said the BDP statement and underlined that the government should in the nearest future bring the issue to the table in order to prevent further problems and deaths.

A fair solution for the problem should be put forward as soon as possible, underlined the BDP statement and called on relevant authorities to launch an investigation and to expose those responsible for the savagery.

BDP deputy co-chair Gültan Kışanak and other BDP deputies have left for Urfa to make examinations in the prison and to visit families of the victims.

Following initial examinations at the scene, Minister of Justice Sadullah Ergin and Minister of Social Security Faruk Çelik held a press conference and claimed that the incident took place because of the congestion caused by recent amendments in the prison.

Minister Ergin reported that a legal and administrative investigation has been launched into the incident and admitted the over-capacity problem in Turkish prisons. The prions in eastern and southeastern parts of Turkey have an over-capacity problem, noted Ergin and remarked that 1196 new prisons will be built in these regions to bring a solution to the problem.

Ergin claimed that the problem in Urfa Prison will partially be resolved after 10 July.