‎240 years prison sentence asked for seven children

The children are accused of making propaganda for an illegal organization
240 years prison sentence is asked for seven children in Mersin who are accused of “membership of an illegal organization” and “making propaganda for an illegal organization”. Facebook sharings, mobese (mobile electronic system integration) footages, secret witness statements and joining the May Day are the evidences the prosecutor put forward as accusation against the minors.

Hardly a day passes without detention and arrest of Kurdish children in Mersin as the ruling AKP government holds the record of political arrests against children for crimes in connection with terrorism. Including Pozantı victim children who have been released recently from the Sincan Prison in Ankara, many children are subjected to severe punishments on the grounds of committing a crime linked to a terror organization.

The most recent prosecution targeted seven children who were taken into custody in May, accused of “opposing the law on meetings and demonstrations”, “holding explosive substances”, “violation of freedom of labour” and “damaging public property”. Public Prosecutor Ünsal Demirci asked a total of 240 years prison sentence and continuation of detention for seven children who have been tried without any concrete evidences.

The accusation by Public Prosecutor Ünsal Demirci was accepted by Mersin 2nd Court for Juveniles which also refused the release demand for children, ruling the first trial of the case to be held on 8 July.

Human Rights Association (IHD) Central Executive Board member lawyer Eyüp Sabri Öncel reacted against the severe sentence asked for children and underlined that accused children should be tried without arrest in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.