Kurdish Women Conference in Hewler

The 2nd National Congress of Women started in Hewler on 22 May with the participation of over 200 Kurdish woman delegates from four sides of Kurdistan as well as from countries abroad.
The opening speech of the conference was made by BDP Diyarbakır MP Leyla Zana who evaluated the conference as a renaissance for Kurdish women.
Zana called attention to Kurdish people’s struggle for national unity and underlined that Kurdish women played the role of leadership in this struggle.
Zana MP pointed out that the freedom of the Kurdish people cannot be ensured without stability among Kurds and remarked that the Kurdish women have a great role to be played on the way to national self-determination of Kurds.
What is important for us is unity, underlined Zana and added that; “We should unite our voices as Kurds should announce their long- and short-term common strategies now all together.”
Zana continued calling on all Kurdish parties and organizations to embrace the whole Kurdistan and noted that the capital punishments in Iran led to incurable injuries. “Our people in Syria have been in action, while the Kurds in Turkey continue to be subject to war, pressure, detention and isolation”, added Zana who also called attention to the severe isolation imposed on Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) Leader Abdullah Öcalan for over 300 days.
“Our revolutionary, parliamentarian and mayor comrades have been held in prison, including the conference undertaker Fatma Kurtalan and Çağlar Demirel. All kinds of pressure and violence against women is a savagery that cannot be accepted”, added Zana MP.