Kışanak: AKP government trying to cover up the deadlock in Kurdish question

Speaking at a public meeting at the Workers Training Center in Stockholm, Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) co-chair Gülten Kışanak said that; “The Turkish state is trying to cover up the deadlock in the Kurdish question with an unrealistic discussion on the lack of an answerer.”
Kışanak underlined that the Kurdish people have been giving a struggle against the three most powerful states in the Middle East and continued as follows; “Today we are going through a critical process which bears the possibilities of both an achievement and a loss for Kurds if not understood and read well. We need to evaluate our possibilities and conditions very well in this process to ensure a free future and a determined struggle.”
Pointing out that a solution for the remodeling of the Middle East will not be possible without considering the demands of the Kurdish people, Kışanak noted that the Kurdish Freedom Movement has become an effective power that bears the potential to determine the politics of the whole region.
BDP co-chair also underlined that the struggle of the Kurdish people will not achieve a success without the freedom of their jailed leader Öcalan whose liberation, she added, cannot be delayed for any reason.
Kışanak pointed to the recent discussion the AKP government has started concerning the lack of any answerer of the Kurdish question and added; “The AKP government, the Prime Minister and everybody knows that all institutions and individuals fighting for the Kurdish people present Mr. Öcalan as the common answerer of the Kurdish problem. However, the government is trying to create a conflict among Kurdish institutions and organizations and to look like as if it wasn’t able to put forward a solution because of the lack of an answerer of the problem.”
Kışanak also referred to mass arrest of Kurds and added that the Turkish state has been following a slaughter policy to defeat the struggle of the Kurdish people and to leave them unorganized.