Interior Minister Şahin: No need to apologize for Roboski

Speaking to NTV Ankara reporter Nilgün Balkaç on Wednesday, Interior Minister İdris Naim Şahin stated that the order to fire in Roboski was given by the commanders monitoring the images in Ankara.

There is no reason to make an apology for the bombardment, said Minister Şahin and noted that authorities don’t have a guilty conscience over the event.

“Just like all establishments, Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), security organization and judiciary also have a certain mechanism under which the terrorist-looking group was fired on. The order to fire wasn’t given by the President, Prime Minister or Chief of General Staff. The responsibility of the event belongs to military and security authorities in Ankara who commanded the bombardment.”

Despite the fact that the region of the bombardment isn’t used or dominated by guerrillas, Şahin claimed that the area is under the control of Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) and underlined that the villagers were killed while smuggling which, he added, would have been a reason for their trial if they had been captured alive.

It also grabbed attention that Minister Şahin fingered Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) as a part of the event and argued that; “The terror organization PKK is the one that provides those people with smuggled goods and it is the terror organization KCK that gets unearned income from smuggling activities. In consideration of the whole scene, there is no reason to apologize because the order to smuggle is given by BDP itself.”

Şahin also mentioned Prime Minister Erdoğan’s statements which indicated BDP as the answerer of the Kurdish problem and underlined that it is not possible to conduct negotiations with Öcalan.