KCK releases statement about hunger strike

We believe hunger strike has achieved its aim, says KCK.
In a statement on the indefinite hunger strike in Strasbourg which has entered 50th day, Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Presidency said that; “We believe the strike action has achieved its purpose in the eye of everybody with conscience and morality and respect for democratic values and human rights.”

The KCK statement noted that they believe strikers will once again evaluate their situation in consideration of Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan’s call which said “the resistance shouldn’t end up with deaths”.

“We once again voice the fact that the AKP state’s approach towards Leader Öcalan will be the reason of either war or peace”, underlined the KCK statement and continued as follows;

“It is quite clear and beyond dispute that peace will never come to this territory as long as Leader Öcalan is held under suppression. No matter what it costs, Öcalan’s conditions of health, security and freedom are a must for our Movement as well as our people.

Concerning the complete and severe isolation and psychological pressure imposed on Öcalan for over nine months, KCK said that; “It is clear that the AKP state takes strength from the European Council and CPT whose approaches that run counter to their own democratic values and legal norms stand by the AKP state’s war policies and its hostility to Kurds.

As the people of Kurdistan and their friends have displayed a resistance against these unlawful and inhumane crime policies for months, hunger strikes have been staged within the scope of this resistance at four sides of Kurdistan and in Europe.”

KCK Executive Council Presidency drew attention to the hunger strike in French city of Strasbourg and underlined that; “As our Movement stated at the very beginning, it is the strikers’ decision to continue or end the action as Öcalan called for avoiding any death in the process of resistance.”

Remarking that new actions will be developed in a more expansive way in the coming process unless a positive development is observed in Öcalan’s situation, KCK statement said that it would be a right attitude to end strikes in all prisons on the basis of Öcalan’s call to “avoid deaths”.

KCK underlined that “the AKP state’s insistence on war show that the coming process will witness a more expansive and intense struggle by our Movement and people who will certainly achieve a democratic autonomy status and freedom of our Leader.”

KCK statement ended calling on all Kurdish people to enhance resistance in all areas and on every occasion.