ECHR ask Turkey to answer five questions on DTP closure

09 April 2012

Turkey has until the end of April to answer to the European Court of Human Rights

s Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office’s application to Supreme Court of Prosecution to investigate the Peace and Democracy Party has been a matter of debate, the European Court of Human Rights accepted the appeal of ten people whose “actions” ultimately contributed to the closure of the former Kurdish party Democratic Society Party (DTP).

The ECHR, has sent five questions to the Turkish government to be answered before the end of April, and will then reach a verdict in accordance with the answers of these questions.

Within this framework, the ECHR asked Turkey to answer the following questions; “Do the DTP executives actually made any calls or statements for ‘eliminating the constitutional order’ which were the basis for the closure of the party? Do words used in the calls and statements of these politicians undermine ‘democracy’? Do the executives used violence? Is the closure of the party a proportional action? Is to strip of their mandate freely elected deputies an appropriate action?”

Giving information about the procedure, BDP Group Deputy Chairman Hasip Kaplan criticized Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office’s case against BDP at this critical stage.

Kaplan added that “The deputies of the BDP, created as an umbrella party of elected independent deputies, will not form a new party in the event of the BDP closure because the most recent constitutional amendments don’t allow to strip deputies of their mandate if their party has been closed.”