Ban on march won’t prevent to celebrate Öcalan’s birthday -UPDATE

In a statement reacting to the ban of the march to the village of Amara on the 63rd birthday of Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Öcalan, Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Executive Presidency called on the Kurdish people to ensure maximum participation to the march.

Remarking that the AKP regime’s ban on the march is an openly hostile act which aims to take revenge for Newroz events, KCK said that; “The people of Urfa in particular should play their role and not remain silent against the ban.”

KCK Executive Presidency also called on the Kurdish people and their friends in Europe to join and support the sit-in action to be staged in Strasbourg city of France on the same day and continued as follows;

“We wish a happy birthday to all Kurdish people and Kurdish Liberation Movement’s leader Öcalan who has created our values and made the greatest effort for the liberation of our people and for creating awareness of their identity.”

Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Co-chairs Gültan Kışanak and Selahattin Demirtaş also made a written statement on the Amara march on 1 April and announced that they will be marching with the people despite the ban which they defined as “intolerance to the will of people”.

The BDP statement underlined that the march, organized by TUHAD-FED with the slogan “We demand freedom not isolation, negotiation not war”, was performed in protest against the isolation in Imralı and all other prisons and the ongoing military and political operations across the country.

The statement evaluated the Interior Minister’s ban on all events to be staged in Urfa between 31 March and 8 April as an unlawful anti-democratic decision and a practice of emergency state.

Kışanak and Demirtaş underlined that the ban and obstacles the government puts on the events of people are a clear sign of the intolerance to the will of people and aim to prevent the country from gaining peace and solution to the Kurdish question.

BDP co-chairs added that; “Our people will exercise their constitutional and democratic fair right against the repressive mindset. As the BDP, we announce that we will be standing by our people’s side and actively take part in their democratic actions.”

Kışanak and Demirtaş also called on democratic public opinion to display their democratic reaction against prohibitive implementations.