ROJ TV AFTER the Cph City Court Judgement

It will be difficult to reject the political undertones that lies behind the action ROJ TV is the center of which has so far resulted in verdict from the Copenhagen City Court of 10 January 2012 with the continuation in the High Court in about one year.

There is a clear line from the appointment of Anders Fogh Rasmussen as NATO Secretary General, satellite company Eutelsat’s immediate stop on tv-transmission, and later also putting out the new Intelsat satellite, and the Danish Presidency of the EU this semester. This view is reinforced by recent statements from the American ambassador in Turkey, which very clearly expressed that the United States welcomes, that there now it put an end to ROJ TV’s broadcasting.

In Denmark, the decision gave rise to many views, and ROJ TV’s bank has clarified its position by consistently blocking all ROJ TV’s accounts, whereby the bank in our opinion, interfere in the ongoing and unresolved issue. The aim can only be cutting off ROJ TV from doing business.

It awakes thoughts that the verdict of the City Court rests on the district judges’ assessment of the journalistic side of ROJ TV’s broadcasting. The judges have thus moved beyond their competence, from assessing the law to assess actual journalism – without witnesses with specific knowledge of the editorial situation have been allowed to come in counter.

We have, as we know the Radio and Television Board, and the board has four times, most recently in connection with the case arose, assessed the journalism, which is reflected in ROJ TV’s broadcasting and they found no reason to respond. The Board has now obtained the conviction and perhaps with some political pressure, felt compelled to reopen the case and a decision here would be expected to be available before summer.

However, both Danish and international media experts, journalists and several heavy journalist organizations warn against direct attack on freedom of expression in the conviction ROJ TV. The criticism comes, among other from Oluf Jørgensen (associate professor of information and administrative law), Lasse Jensen (Danish Broadcasting Corporation, P1), Leif Blædel (Weekendavisen-newspaper), Lone Kühlmann (Information-newspaper), Lisbeth Knudsen (Berlingske -newspaper), The Danish Union of Journalist, the Danish PEN, Committee to Protect Journalists and Reporters Without Borders.

Meanwhile ROJ TV continue working to fulfill its mission as an information source for the millions of Kurds, who in their daily lives are dependent on the information that would otherwise not be available on how the Kurds in Turkey and other parts of the Middle East are exposed to conditions and a treatment which is in direct conflict with the existing human rights.

ROJ TV thanks for all the support and encouragement that has been us for part of the many who still believe that free speech should apply to all people, including Kurds.


Imdat Yilmaz, CEO