Kürkçü: Military footages show civilians

What the villagers in Roboski have told us, the same we have seen in the video from the drone we have watched today”. Mersin deputy Ertuğrul Kürkçü has no doubt about the fact that the 34 villagers killed in the Turkish air raid on 28 December were clearly ‘recognizable’ as been civilians.

Kürkçü is a member of the parliamentary Human Rights Research Commission charged with the investigation over the village of Roboski massacre. “If you asked whether it was possible to make out that those were in fact civilians and not armed rebels – added the Mersin MP – the answer is yes, it is absolutely clear that those are civilians”.

The same comments were made by an other member of the Human Rights Research Commission, CHP MP Levent Gök. He said the villagers were easy to see with their mules could be spotted with the “naked eye.”