Demirtaş: spring is coming

Speaking at the solidarity dinner of BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) İzmir branch, BDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş pointed out to the AKP and judiciary oriented pressures on the party and democrat segments of the society.

Demirtaş said that; “We are a people who grow and multiply as we die. Their only trouble is about preventing us from taking to the streets on 15 January, 8 March and the Newroz day. However, little time left for them to understand that they won’t be able to finish us as we will be overflowing the areas.”

Evaluating the uninterrupted political and military operations in the recent months, Demirtaş said that; “There is no other way beyond death. What else could they do except for dropping tons of bombs on a 14 year-old child, arresting thousands of us and making the bodies of our children unrecognizable?”

Mentioning the government officials’ “Security Summit” which resulted in sanction decisions against Kurdish businessmen, Demirtaş evaluated the government’s most recent plans regarding Kurdish business circles and called out to patriotic Kurdish business circles; “Our determination is what presses the panic button. Do not fear these teams who burnt down our properties, villages and houses in the past. The AKP, gathering all its teams in Istanbul, is making plans for harming and intimidating you. Do not sell out the future of your people. On one side stand property and money while on the other side the bodies of young people who fight for a free future are fallen into pieces. Just think for a second. Discussing these values will not leave any honor and dignity in you.”

Mentioning the increasing operations in recent days, Demirtaş noted that these operations created a short term hope on AKP’s side and added; “Just like the concept of 90’s, the concept of the current period also aims to psych out the people and to prevent them from taking to the streets. At those times, they thought that they had oppressed the Kurdish people. However, what they forget is the fact that the fire and anger of the people is growing more and more day by day. We are a people who grow and multiply as we die. However, the AKP team doesn’t really believe that they will be able to finish us through these plans because they see the civil commotions in the Middle East where peoples are screaming the areas down with the demands they voice. The AKP is looking for ways to silence the Kurds but we, by overflowing the areas in the spring, will show the AKP how successful it has been in its ways of searching.”

Remarking that the government’s sole wish is to make Kurds kneel down and to make them contended with what the government gives to them, Demirtaş continued as follows; “At this point, it is important what we can do in this respect. Be sure that being able to stand against this fascism and pressure would be enough to gain victory. They can’t do anything more than what they are doing now. They slaughter children with F-16 warplanes and they jail people at all ages, students, professors, journalists and writers after trying them at their own courts. What is left to us is to stand by our party in the strongest way. We shouldn’t give up to follow hard after this purpose to not to make our children face this cruelty as well.”

Demirtaş continued underlining that Kurds didn’t have a mind to abandon their essential demand for mother tongue education or to be second-class citizens. Concerning the arguments which say that Kurds are equal to Turks as they can be appointed to all kinds of authorized positions, Demirtaş said the followings; “True, Kurds could be appointed to high positions such as a general or a minister. You can deceive those Kurds but what about other 20 million Kurds who are treated as second-class citizens? The state itself has applied separatism for 90 years now.”

Referring to the criminal complaint the prosecutor filed against him for his statements about the Chief of Defence Staff, Demirtaş noted; “However, for some reason, the prosecutor doesn’t conduct any investigation about the person who gave the order for the slaughter of 34 people with bombs.”

Demirtaş also mentioned the ongoing isolation on PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan and called on everyone to be aware towards the danger. “Can we ensure peace in this way?” asked Demirtaş and continued as follows; “We will continue to increase our acts and to take to the streets because the AKP fears of the people. In the coming spring, we will see how successful they have been in the terror they conduct against us. Little time left to spring when our people will protect their will on the streets.”