BDP and Block deputies on hunger strike

Deputies of Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) and Labor, Democracy and Freedom Block have started a two-day hunger strike on 20 February to support the indefinite and non-alternate hunger strike of jailed MPs of BDP for Şırnak Selma Irmak and Faysal Sarıyıldız and many other political prisoners. The hunger strike act of MPs is staged in protest to the ongoing military and political operations and the isolation imposed on Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan.

BDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş, DTK Co-Chairs Ahmet Türk and Aysel Tuğluk, deputies Leyla Zana, Sırrı Sakık and Nazmi Gür, who are currently in Federal Kurdistan Regional Government to attend the 66th anniversary of Mahabad Republic’s establishment, will be included in the act as of tomorrow. The deputies hunger strike takes place in the BDP head office in Ankara, in a hall covered with banners writing “We want negotiations, not war and freedom, not isolation”.

Making a statement on behalf of all deputies on the hunger strike, BDP Co-Chair Gültan Kışanak said that; “With a hope that these acts will pave the way for the solution, we once again state here that we will decisively continue our struggle for freedom and peace. It is beyond any doubt that democratic resistance and democratic opposition will rise and grow in the face of increasing pressures.”

Kışanak pointed out to the repressive and authoritarian process led by the AKP government and said that; “The political slaughter policies have led to the arrest of deputies, mayors, writers, journalists, human rights defenders, representatives of democratic mass organizations, lawyers, union members, women, students and children. More than six thousand people are held under arrest because of their thoughts and political activities.”

Remarking that the AKP government tries to suppress the democratic opposition, Kışanak underlined that clashes and deaths increase because of the political power’s mentality which -she said- aims to obtain a solution from elimination policies instead of negotiations and dialogue for the Kurdish issue which constitutes the most important problem of Turkey.

Kışanak also pointed out that the isolation imposed on PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan makes the process more dangerous, noting that Öcalan is a significant actor in respect to the solution of the Kurdish problem.

BDP Co-Chair reminded that over 60 political prisoners are currently on an indefinite and non-alternate hunger strike and called on the government to hear the scream of people who leave their bodies to death to demand peace and solution, to abandon policies of deadlock and to start the process of dialogue and negotiations.

Kışanak added that the Turkish Parliament (TGNA) needs to play its role in the face of this historical problem which is a common problem of everyone in this territory.

The hunger strike act of deputies will end at 18.00 on 21 February.