Danish Radio and Television Board in new investigation on RojTV

Danish Radio and Television Board launched a new investigation decision on RojTV. The Board announced that the content and editing of some RojTV programs in the last three years would be investigated.

The investigation was announced by Board Chair Christian Scherfig who remarked that the decision had been made in connection with the Copenhagen Court’s verdict on the channel and added that “The court’s decision has provided a reason for our board to reevaluate many points in accordance with the broadcast act. Apart from the content of broadcasts, it is also of importance by whom and where the decisions on broadcasting are made, because the Radio Television Broadcasting Act says that if an establishment is allowed to broadcast in Denmark, decisions regarding its broadcasting are also made in this country”.

Remarking that the investigation wouldn’t include the broadcasts which were presented as evidence by the prosecutor at the trial, Scherfig said that “Following the investigation of the programs of the last three years, our board will rule whether the channel’s broadcasting permission will be cancelled or not. It is at present difficult to say something about the result to come or how long the examination will last.”

The decision of the board will be made on the basis of the works by authorized translators, noted Schrefig and added that they would also receive the approval of Turkish Embassy as to the correctness of translations.

Radio and Television Board Chair Scherfig also noted that they had met the Turkish Ambassador in Copenhagen following the verdict of Copenhagen Court, and added that “The Ambassador only presented information about the present situation. It is never a matter of any kind of pressure.2