Officielt brev til Barack Obama, USA’s præsident.

I brevet kritiseres USA for deres militæralliance med den tyrkiske regering. Sidste angreb mod civile kurdere vidner ligeledes om, at Tyrkiet ikke har nogen intentioner om at løse det kurdiske spørgsmål på en fredelig og demokratisk måde. På trods af dette bakker Barack Obamas administration stadig op om den førte politik…. USA´s præsident Obama har ved flere lejligheder klart tilkendegivet, at USA har en tæt militæralliance med Tyrkiet, hvilket indtil videre har kostet mange civile kurdere livet.
Brevet slutter af med en tilkendegivelse om, at USA i stedet for at være Tyrkiets militære allieret, skal agere aktivt fredsskabende i konflikten mellem kurdere og Tyrkiet.
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Mr. Barrack Obama
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President of the USA
Washington D.C.

Barack H. Obama

Re: It is time to see the truth, The Kurds will not allow for history to repeat itself.

Dear Mr. Obama,

I am writing you this short letter to remind you of the genocides and massacres that the Kurdish people have witnessed and also what the Kurdish people are facing today.

The Kurdish people are being deprived of basic human rights and much of what is generally accepted as universal human rights.

The Republic of Turkey, your strategic partner, is massacring Kurds everyday with the very support you give them whether it is military, political or economical. The very latest example of this is the most recent killing of 36 unarmed Kurdish civilians by F-16 Jets bought from the USA and intelligence gained from Predator Drones supplied by yourselves.

Your strategic partner Recep T. Erdogan’s government has been running a systematic political and military genocide against the Kurdish people. Until now a total of 4000 people consisting of MP’s, Mayors, politicians, intellectuals, writers, journalists, solicitors and hundreds of children have been arrested in Turkey and you haven’t had a single word to say about this.

The Turkish Army, by using airspace that is controlled by your state, has massacred Kurdish civilians and ruined our landscape and yet you still have not said a word.

For five months we have not been able to hear any news from the leader of our people Mr. Abdullah Ocalan who was actively kidnapped and handed over to the Turkish authorities by your predecessors, and yet not a word from your administration.

Let alone a word of criticism your spokespersons are declaring support for the AKP government and promising further supply of technologically advanced missiles.

Mr. Obama,

What have we, the Kurds, ever done to you or your country, what have we come against for you to declare us enemies? Or maybe this “democracy, human rights and freedom” are just part of a rhetoric only used to further the USA’s interests across the globe. What is the reason for this double standard? Why do you continue to support a state that bombs its own people within its own borders?

Mr. Obama,

We will not allow for Kurdish children to be massacred in this way.

We will not allow for history to repeat itself.

We do not want decisions made on our behalf.

We decline to be sacrificed for certain interests.

What we expect of you and your administration;

To play the role of peacemaker for the Kurdish and Turkish people whom we believe is also in the best interests for the USA. We believe that you have a positive role to play in bringing peace to Kurdistan, the Middle East and the World.